PSYCAS Fee Waiver Program

To ensure that you meet all deadlines, you are encouraged to submit your application and all your required materials at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline for your designated program(s). All deadlines are 11:59pm EASTERN time on the date listed. You must apply to at least one program to submit your application to PSYCAS. The deadline for the fall 2017 application cycle is August 31, 2017. If you plan to submit a fee waiver (information provided below), please return by July 31, 2017.

Consult each program’s institutional webpage to check if the program(s) you are applying to charge a supplemental (or institutional) fee in addition to the PSYCAS fee. Note: You must submit any supplemental fee(s) directly to the program(s) you are applying to; PSYCAS does not process supplemental fees on behalf of the schools.

PSYCAS will not grant a refund if a selection was made in error or transfer the payment to another designation.

  • First Program Designation                           $50
  • Each Additional Program Designation           $35

Applicants may apply for EITHER a financial income fee waiver or a service organization participation fee waiver. Fee waiver requests MUST be submitted and approved prior to submitting applications through PSYCAS. PSYCAS will not grant a refund on applications submitted prior to approval of either a financial income or service organization participation fee waiver.

I. Financial Income Fee Waiver

Income-based fee waivers are available to applicants who demonstrate financial need as determined by the chart below. Please submit your fee waiver request(s) no later than July 31, 2017 to ensure timely processing and time to complete your applications prior to the August 31, 2016 deadline for fall 2017 admissions.

An approved financial income fee waiver will apply to the first designation fee of $50.

 II. Service Organization Participation Fee Waiver

Applicants may alternatively request fee waivers as participants/alumni in good standing with the following programs: Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program; Leadership Alliance; Gates Millennium Scholars and Alumni. Current Peace Corps in-country volunteers who are in good standing may also request a fee waiver.

Participants in all programs referenced above are eligible to receive waivers for the first designation fee of $50 plus two additional designations at $35 each for a total of $120 covering three designations. However, if an applicant qualifies for multiple fee waivers from across these programs, PSYCAS will only grant one (three designations) based on the first request received on behalf of an applicant.

Tips for Fee Waiver Requests
  • At this time, PSYCAS fee waivers cannot be applied to supplemental application fees required by departments or schools/institutions.
  • Meeting the criteria for the PSYCAS waiver has no bearing on a designation’s determination to waive its supplemental fees. Consult the program directly for the availability of these fee waivers.
  • Eligibility for the financial income fee waiver is determined by the applicant’s most recent Federal Income Tax Return: Form 1040 (or 1040A, 1040EZ).
  • A student listed as a dependent on another tax return must also submit the tax return for that taxpayer.
  • Fee waivers are sent to Liaison International for review and approval is based on the policy described above as approved by the APA.

Plan for at least two weeks for a fee waiver request to be reviewed and complete the request no later than the deadline stated above to ensure ample time to complete your applications once and if approved for PSYCAS fee waivers.


  1. Create a PSYCAS Application in order to obtain a CAS ID.
  2. Click on “Fee Assistance Program” at the top right corner underneath the applicant name and CAS ID.
  3. Select either a fee waiver based on financial income OR service organization participation.

Fill out the fields at the bottom of the web form to note applicant’s Household Annual Income for the year 2016 and the current number of members in the applicant’s household.

Upload a scanned copy of the 2016 Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ) to the web form.  Remember if the applicant is still claimed as dependent by a parent or guardian, PSYCAS requires that individual’s Federal Income Tax Return instead. Deadline to submit the application for fee waivers is July 31, 2017.


Download the respective form from the list below, complete, obtain the required certification, and upload the scanned copy to your PSYCAS application PRIOR to submitting any applications. Deadline to submit the application for fee waivers is July 31, 2017.


Applicants cannot e-submit the PSYCAS application until the applicant is notified they have been granted a fee waiver. If the application is submitted before a decision has been reached, the fee waiver application will be denied. When a decision is made on the fee waiver, PSYCAS will notify the applicant through the application, will also send an email to the applicant preferred email address and on the PSYCAS Status Notification Inbox. All fee waiver decisions are final. Applicants MUST submit their application for fee assistance by July 31, 2017 in order to be considered.


Applicants awarded a fee waiver will have 21 calendar days from the date the fee waiver was granted to e-submit the application. Extensions cannot be provided. If the application is not submitted within that time frame, the fee waiver application will be voided and the funds will be allocated to another qualifying applicant. Applicants cannot reapply for a fee waiver once they have been denied. Reminder, the amount of the financial income fee waiver covers the initial application fee of $50.00; a fee waiver for service organization participation covers the application fees for three applications.   Applicants receiving financial income fee assistance and wish to apply to more than one program are still responsible for the additional fees of $35.00 per program. Applicants approved for a service organization participation fee waiver and wish to apply to more than three programs are still responsible for the additional fees of $35 per program.


To be considered for a financial-based fee waiver, you must have a filed 2016 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. If you are still claimed as a dependent by a parent or guardian, PSYCAS requires that individual’s Federal Income Tax Return instead of your own.

To qualify for a fee waiver, the adjusted gross income listed on the submitted 2016 tax return must fall below the Low-Income Level determined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on the chart below. Please note that the “size of family” indicates the number of people claimed as dependents on that tax report.

Size of Family ** Income Level ***
1 $23,760

* The low income level is based on 200 percent of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines. It is used to determine what constitutes a low-income family for the purposes of the SDS, and LDS programs for the Academic Year 2016-2017.

** Size of family means the number of exemptions listed on the qualified income tax return forms. For example, a family size of “4″ may include two parents and two dependents.

*** Income Level refers to the ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME stated on the 2016 filed federal income tax return 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.

2 $32,040
3 $40,320
4 $48,600
5 $56,880
6 $65,160
7 $73,460
8 $81,780
For each additional person add: $8,320


Q: I applied for and received a fee waiver last cycle. Can I apply again this cycle?


Q: Can I apply for a fee waiver after I e-submit my application?

A: NO, fee waivers can NOT be granted after you submit your application. Applicants who wish to obtain fee waivers must apply well in advance of their deadline and wait until their request is accepted or rejected before submitting. If you submit while your fee waiver application is still pending, PSYCAS cannot honor your request and your fee waiver will be denied.

Q: I applied for a waiver but have not yet received a response. Why can’t I submit my application?

A: Applying for a fee waiver blocks your ability to submit your application while your waiver request is pending. If you wish to submit to your programs and forfeit your waiver request, navigate to the fee assistance section and click “cancel request.” Note that once you submit, you will be ineligible to apply for a fee waiver.

Q: Why was my fee waiver application denied?

A: Fee waiver decisions are made based on the income and size of family indicated on the submitted tax forms ONLY. Extenuating circumstances are NOT considered. Applicants whose income does not meet these requirements will be denied.

Q: My fee waiver was voided because I did not submit my application within the 21-day time frame. Can I reapply for a fee waiver?

A: NO. Applicants can only apply for a fee waiver once per application cycle. If your fee waiver has been voided, any further attempts to apply for a fee waiver during the current cycle will be denied.