Evaluations (Letters of Recommendation)

Q: How many evaluators can I enter?

A: The applicant will provide the names, addresses and email addresses of a maximum of three (3) sources providing evaluations.

Q: What constitutes an evaluation?

A: The evaluation requires both a rating of attributes and a letter.

Q: How and where do I send my evaluations?

A: Applicants should not send evaluations directly to CASAA; all evaluations should come directly from the evaluator to CASAA via the online portal. CASAA will not accept paper copies of references.

Enter up to three (3) evaluator names on your CASAA application. CASAA will not determine if you have met the evaluation requirements for a particular AA program. Therefore, please review programs’ home page to determine the type(s) of evaluators required by each institution for which you wish to be considered for admission. The applicant will provide the names, email addresses, and phone number for of a maximum of three (3) people providing evaluations. CASAA will send an email evaluation request to each evaluator with a link to the online evaluation portal.

Q: Who should write my evaluations?

A: Suggested sources for evaluations include:

  • Strongly encouraged, an Anesthesiologist who can state through documented experience that you know what the profession anesthesiology entails.
  • A professor with whom you have done personal work (such as assisted on a specific project or served as a TA or reader), or with whom you took a course.
  • An employer or extracurricular activity adviser who can comment about your maturity, diligence and conscientiousness.
  • Do not send evaluations from coworkers, someone you have supervised, relatives, or personal and family friends. These are inappropriate and can be detrimental to the review of your application.

Q: What is an Electronic Letter of Evaluation?

A: Evaluations are required to be completed electronically by your evaluators.  It is suggested you contact the individuals writing the evaluations to confirm that they will be able to write your evaluation letter and to confirm their preferred email address. Please enter their email address and mailing address on the application. An email request from CASAA will be sent to the individual evaluator directing them to a secured website for completion. After the individual completes the evaluation, they will submit it electronically to CASAA. Because CASAA evaluation requests may be caught by spam filters, applicants are encouraged to contact their evaluators to ask them to allow their email systems to “permit” the CASAA evaluation mail address: casaainfo@liaisoncas.com

If the request was not received by your evaluator, contact CASAA Customer Service and the email will be sent again.

There are three status notifications:

  • New – Evaluator has been entered into the system.
  • Incomplete – Evaluator has logged onto the online Portal but has not submitted the evaluation.
  • Completed – Evaluator has completed the evaluation and has submitted it to CASAA.

Q: Can I have different evaluations sent to individual programs?

A: No. Each evaluation will be sent to all programs for which you are applying.

Q: How can I select a different person as a evaluator than those I initially selected?

A: If the status is still “New” or “Incomplete,” you may delete that individual and add the new source. If the status is “Complete,” changes cannot be made.

Q: What does it mean to waive my right to access the evaluation?

A: You relinquish your access to the provided letter. If you do not waive that right, the evaluator will know that you have access to read it.

Q: How can I view my evaluations?

A: CASAA cannot allow you access to your evaluations, nor can applicants view their evaluations during the CASAA process. If you have not waived your right to access your evaluations, once you have matriculated to a school or college of optometry, you may be able to then review your letters at that time and at the discretion of the institution.

Q: Can I change my waiver to view my recommendation?

A: No. Once an evaluation has been received by CASAA, the waiver cannot be changed.

Q: Can I send a Committee Letter of Evaluation?

A: Yes.  If you are submitting a Committee Letter, be sure to check the requirements of each individual program for the types of letters they will accept.

Some pre-health advising offices compile academic/personal information and will also coordinate the collection of evaluations in order to provide a “Committee Letter” for students. If the Committee Letter of Evaluation is a compilation from several individuals and contains one letter, it will be considered as one evaluation. The individual writing the evaluation completes the evaluation matrix on the online portal. CASAA will accept the name of a college pre-health profession advisor in lieu of the evaluator(s) on the evaluation form.

Q: Can I send evaluations from a Letter Service?

A: Yes, college and university letter services may submit evaluations to CASAA, but it must be done through the electronic evaluation portal.

If you are submitting evaluations through a letter service, you are strongly encouraged to have the original author(s) of the evaluations complete the rating of attributes.

Please note that while CASAA will accept the rating of attributes from a college official who is a designee for the college or university’s letter service office, applicants should also check with the individual programs for which they plan to apply to confirm that evaluations completed by a third-party will be accepted.

Q: Can evaluations be sent using Virtual Evals?

A: Only evaluations completed through the CASAA online portal can be submitted electronically; therefore, CASAA will not be able to accept an electronic Virtual Eval.

Q: Can evaluations be co-signed by a Teaching Assistant and a Faculty member?

A: Yes, an evaluation from a Teaching Assistant must be co-signed or include the name and contact information of a Faculty member within the letter.

Q: Must I wait for my evaluations to be complete before submitting my application?

A: It is not necessary, nor is it suggested, to wait until your evaluators have responded to submit your application.

Q: What types of letters will each school accept?

Please visit the Letters of Evaluation section on the CASAA home page for more information about what letters will or will not be accepted by each program.