Verification: Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculations

The Repeat Coursework Policy has changed for the 2017-18 cycle.  Please see “How to Enter Coursework” for new rules.


  • AACOMAS WILL NOT CALCULATE YOUR GPA UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION HAS A STATUS OF “COMPLETE.” Please see the “Completing the Application” section of our instructions for details.
  • IT MAY TAKE UP TO FOUR WEEKS FROM YOUR COMPLETE DATE FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE VERIFIED.  Applications are verified in chronological order by Complete Date.

By inputting your coursework into the AACOMAS application, you standardize the format and content of your transcripts.  Transcripts vary widely in what type of hours credits are worth, the numeric values of grades, and course subjects. AACOMAS calculates a standard set of GPAs based upon your coursework, making sure your grade values, credit values, and course subjects are consistent with all other AACOMAS applicants. As a result, your DO programs may compare your course subjects, credit values, and grade values equally with other applicants who are seeking admission to their program.


AACOMAS uses the information which you have entered in the coursework section of your application to calculate several tables of GPAs in multiple categories for each applicant. Each category is calculated by adding the total number of quality points in that category (your credits multiplied by the numeric value of your grade) and dividing this number by the total credits you attempted to earn in this same category. ALL AACOMAS GPAs ARE CALCULATED IN SEMESTER HOURS.



AACOMAS also divides your GPA into Science, Non-Science, and Overall (science and non-science) sections.


These GPAs indicate the level of courses listed on your application. For example, if you marked three terms at two different schools as “Freshman,” then all courses under those terms factor into the “Freshman” GPA. Please note that the “Total” row includes freshman through senior work, the “Cumulative Undergrad” row indicates freshman through post-baccalaureate work, and the “Overall” row includes freshman through doctoral degree level work.


AACOMAS also divides your GPA earned at each year level into Science, Non-Science, and Total (science and non-science) sections.

SCIENCE GPA: is calculated based on these course subject categories: Biochemistry, Biology/Zoology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Other Science.

NON-SCIENCE GPA: is calculated based on these course subject categories: Behavioral Science, English, Math, and Other Non-Science.


AACOMAS breaks down your GPA by course subject, regardless of your college level. These subjects are determined by the “AACOMAS course subjects” you selected for each course on your application. Please note that during the verification process, AACOMAS staff will change the subject category for any courses which they determine were not categorized correctly.

COURSE SUBJECTS:If you have any questions about what course subjects factor into which course subject category, please see the AACOMAS Course Subjects page.


AACOMAS also records earned credit for which you did not receive an actual letter grade, and therefore it cannot be included in your GPA. For example, “Advanced Placement” credits are listed only if you passed a college board AP exam in high school. The “Pass” section lists credit for classes in which you earned a “Pass,” “Satisfactory,” or “Credit.” The “Fail” section lists credits in which you earned a “Non-Pass” rather than an F letter grade.


Because AACOMAS standardizes grades across all colleges, it is not unusual for there to be a discrepancy in GPAs between what your college calculates and what AACOMAS calculates. Common reasons for this include:

  • AACOMAS numeric scale for letter grades may be different than the one used at your home institution. Please note that a grade of “WF” or “Withdrawn Failing” is calculated into the AACOMAS system as an “F.” You may view the numeric charts below for reference.
  • AACOMAS calculates all GPAs in semester hours. If any of your courses were completed in quarter hours, AACOMAS converts these to semester hours on your GPA chart. The conversion ratio is 1.0 quarter hour = 0.667 semester hours.
  • AACOMAS breaks down your GPA by level, not by college. Therefore if you attended multiple schools with course terms labeled as “freshman,” “sophomore:, etc., AACOMAS will combine all of these classes into your freshman or sophomore year GPA.


GPAs are automatically calculated using the data that is inputted into the coursework section of the application, and are likely correct. On the rare occasion that they are not, it is often because the coursework section has been labeled incorrectly. Before disputing a GPA calculation, it is the applicant’s responsibility to understand the following:

  • How GPAs work mathematically.  A common error applicants make is to add his or her GPA the four years of undergraduate study and then divide by 4, which may be confused with an overall undergraduate GPA. In fact, this is the AVERAGE GPA, which is different from an Overall GPA.
  • How AACOMAS GPAs work specifically. This includes the notes above on common reasons they are different from the GPA on your transcripts. AACOMAS GPAs are not and should not be those found on your transcripts.
  • How AACOMAS can and cannot help you in regards to your GPA.  AACOMAS cannot assist you if you are unhappy because your GPA is “wrong.” It is impossible for us to determine what the issue might be if you simply believe it is incorrect. In order for us to either help find what may be causing an error or help you understand why a certain number is correct, we require more specific information.

If you believe your GPA is incorrect, we recommend you first select an area that you believe is incorrect (i.e. Post-Bacc Science GPA) and attempt to calculate the correct GPA yourself. Instructions for how to do so are below.

ONLY after you have attempted to calculate the GPA on your own should you CONTACT AACOMAS BY E-MAIL ONLY with a specific set of calculations for a certain portion of your GPA which you believe is incorrect and we will review and explain the discrepancy. Email with the subject line “Verification: GPA Inquiry” and include a description of the issue and the calculations you have made.

IMPORTANT:  AACOMAS will not edit repeated coursework across institutions once an applicant is verified.  It is the applicants responsibility to report these courses as repeated before they submit or approve their paid coursework entry.

NOTE: GIVEN THE TIME AND ATTENTION NECESSARY TO REVIEW A GPA DISCREPANCY, AACOMAS WILL NOT ACCEPT GPA REVIEW REQUESTS BY PHONE. Any applicants who call customer service requesting a GPA recalculation will be instructed to resubmit their request via e-mail.


GPAs are calculated by taking the credit hours for each course and multiplying them by the AACOMAS numeric value of your grade to determine your quality points. The total quality points are then divided by the total number of credits to determine your GPA.

Course Transcript
Calculation Quality
TOTAL 16 32
MATH 1100 A 3 4.0 = 4 × 3 12
ENGL 1310 B 3 3.0 = 3 × 3 9
GEOL 1610 C 4 2.0 = 2 × 4 8
PHED 1000 D 3 1.0 = 1 × 3 3
PSCI 1040 F 3 0.0 = 0 × 3 0

GPA Calculation
32 (Quality Points) divided by 16 (Credit Hours Attempted) = 2.00 (GPA)


Once your GPA has been calculated, your status should read as “Verified” and you will receive an automated e-mail notification. Review your GPA in your Application PDF and read through how we calculate the GPA should you have any questions. Please note that “Verified” is the final application status which will be assigned to your AACOMAS application.


Q: How are the AACOMAS GPAs calculated?

A: AACOMAS will calculate numerous GPAs. The GPAs and hours will be summarized by academic year within undergraduate (freshman through senior year), post baccalaureate, and graduate work as well as summarized by area of study. There will also be a running total GPA for each academic year that will add all coursework for an overall total GPA. The GPAs that will be calculated are

  • Overall
  • By Term
  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Post Baccalaureate
  • Graduate
  • GPAs by course subject

Q: Why is my AACOMAS GPA different from what my transcripts provide for a GPA?

A: AACOMAS standardizes GPAs. If the institution you attended has a different grading scale than AACOMAS, your GPAs will be different. In addition, AACOMAS combines all coursework from undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate years for the Overall GPA. This GPA will be different than the individual transcripts if you attended multiple institutions.

Q: How do I convert the numeric grades on my transcript to an AACOMAS letter grade?

A: Please use the AACOMAS conversion scale below.

Grade on Transcript (No alpha grade key on transcript) “AACOMAS Grade” and Value
100-90 A (4.0)
89-80 B (3.0)
79-70 C (2.0)
69-60 D (1.0)
>60 F (0.0

Grade Conversion Scale 2
Grade on Transcript (No alpha grade key on transcript) “AACOMAS Grade” and Value
4.00-3.80 A (4.0)
3.79-3.60 A- (3.7)
3.59-3.40 AB (3.5)
3.39-3.10 B+ (3.3)
3.09-2.80 B (3.0)
2.79-2.60 B- (2.7)
2.59-2.40 BC (2.5)
2.39-2.10 C+ (2.3)
2.09-1.80 C (2.0)
1.79-1.60 C- (1.7)
1.59-1.40 CD (1.5)
1.39-1.10 D+ (1.3)
1.09-0.80 D (1.0)
0.79-0.60 D- (0.7)
0.59-0.40 DF (0.5)
Less than or equal to 0.39 F (0.0)
Non-graded designations NONE

Q: How do I enter my coursework and grades if my transcript is a narrative (non-graded) transcript?

A: If narrative evaluations are used in your system in lieu of grades, leave the AACOMAS grade field of the ‘College Courses Completed’ section blank or list ‘Pass’ if pass credit was awarded. Copies of narrative evaluations will be forwarded to your designated schools.

Q: When will my GPAs be available?

A: After all application materials are processed and transcripts have been verified (may take approximately four weeks), AACOMAS calculates the GPAs.

Q: Where will I be able to view my GPAs?

A: Once coursework is verified, please login to your account and visit your Program Status tab on the ‘Manage My Programs’ page to download a PDF of your application and review your GPAs.

Q: What types of courses are included in my GPAs?

A: All undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate coursework is included in the GPAs. All courses in which a letter or numeric grade was received will be included.

Q: What types of courses ARE NOT included in my GPAs?

A: Foreign coursework will not be included in the GPAs. In addition, any course in which a grade of withdrawal, pass/no-pass, audit, incomplete, exempted or not yet enrolled is specifically indicated on your official transcript, will not be included in the GPAs.

Q: What is the grading scale that AACOMAS uses to calculate GPAs?

A: The AACOMAS grading system standardizes the way grades will be reported to your designated programs. The AACOMAS Grade is assigned a numeric value to calculate your grade point average.

The AACOMAS grading scale is as follows:

Grading Scale
A = 4.0
A- = 3.7
AB = 3.5
B+ = 3.3
B = 3.0
B- = 2.7
BC = 2.5
C+ = 2.3
C = 2.0
C- = 1.7
CD = 1.5
D+ = 1.3
D = 1.0
D- = 0.7
DF = 0.5
F = 0.0

If your institution uses a numeric grading system, choose the appropriate letter grade from the list above that equals the numeric grade. If your institution uses a plus/minus system with different numeric values, the AACOMAS GPA will be different than your institution.

Q: What do I do if I disagree with the AACOMAS GPA calculations?

A: AACOMAS GPAs are likely to be different from those calculated by the colleges and universities you attended due to the grade standardization process. Your AACOMAS GPAs will be calculated within 4–6 weeks after AACOMAS receives your completed application, ALL transcripts, and the correct fee payment. Please contact AACOMAS by email if you have difficulty accessing your account.


Course Transcript Grade Transcript Credits Attempted Transcript AACOMAS (Converted) Grade Calculation Quality Points
MATH 1100 A 3 4.0 = 4 × 3 12
ENGL 1310 B 3 3.0 = 3 × 3 9
GEOL 1610 C 4 2.0 = 2 × 4 8
PHED 1000 D 3 1.0 = 1 × 3 3
PSCI 1040 F 3 0.0 = 0 × 3 0
TOTAL 16 32

GPA Calculation:
32 (Quality Points) divided by 16 (Credit Hours Attempted) = 2.00 (GPA)

Q: What types of courses ARE NOT included in my GPA at all?

A: Any course in which a grade of withdrawal (passing), pass/no-pass, audit, incomplete, exempted or not yet enrolled is indicated will not be included in the GPAs.

Q: Do repeated courses factor into my GPA?

A: YES.  AACOMAS is required to factor ALL attempts at courses into the GPA calculation, regardless of a school or state’s academic forgiveness policies. Marking a course as “Repeated” will NOT exclude it from your GPA Calculations.

Q: How can I view my GPA calculation?

A: GPA calculations can be viewed in the application PDF, which is available from the “Program Status” tab of your application AFTER your application has been verified by AACOMAS. Click on the blue icon in the upper right of each program to which you have applied in order to view your application PDF.

download pdf

In the Bookmarks find “Calculated GPA”.